My Research Story

In 1991, I enrolled in a Ph.D. program UT Austin. In one of the first meetings with my mentor, Mary Steinhardt, I suggested that if people would live the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, they would be more well. Her question was, "but how will you measure wellness?"  Upon searching for the answer to her question, I found that a philosophically congruent, empirically supported measure of wellness did not exist. I had found my calling and my initial line of research.

Because my work was best applied in worksites, I fully engaged in that setting. For example, I conceptualized and lead a comprehensive review of literature of the Transtheoretical Model also called the Stages of Change. 

Later in my career, I was invited to help quantify and solve health issues experienced by college students.  When I realized that college students were just a year or two from the workplace and that their health issues were both unique and horribly under-served, I decided to study them as well.      

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Best in Wellness
Troy Adams, Ph.D.