Perception is Reality  
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have norms for the PWS or "What is good and bad perceived wellness?"

Answer: In the original PWS article, I asked this question: "How can we sanctimoniously apply absolute standards of wellness in a relative world?" I am not a big fan of norms. However, I understand that if you are to use this tool, you will need some evidence of values that tend to be more and less well.  I refer you to the contruct validity paper and other research using the PWS that might list means for various populations.

2. I still don't understand the scoring for the PWS.  Can you explain it?

Answer: I am really sorry but I do not think I can explain it any better. Basically, wellness is about being well in each dimension and being balanced across dimensions.  The numerical gymnastics in the scoring instructions simply help to boil this ethereal concept down to a finite number.